A Message of the President

Together with Customers

TWINBIRD is going through changes—implementing new initiatives one after the other.

To start with, we completely renewed our website. While expressing our view of the world,
it also has an Opinion Box where we can collect customers’ feedback.
On our Facebook page we have begun having a dialogue with customers in real time.

Moreover, we have opened the Twinbird Nihonbashi Gate Office in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. We also designed a hands-on experience showroom where our staff can directly interact with customers. With the showroom as our point of origin, we will create a variety of opportunities to get to know our customers.

Our purpose is to get closer to customers.

Our goal is to be a home electric appliance maker that listens carefully to its customers.
We will transform into a home electric appliance maker closer to the customers than any other.

We are already beginning to try out new ideas.

We are further promoting our Voice of Customer (VOC) drive to speed up the process of reflecting customers’ comments received by our call center into our product development. Staff in all the divisions—not just marketing or planning, but also development, production, and administration—need to be aware of the market and get involved with customers at point-blank range.

Setting the point of origin as the customers’ viewpoint, we will move in the same direction, providing solutions for little problems they face in their daily lives.

"Customer's voice. It's our choice." — We want put out such products in the market—in ever greater volume.

Our home area Tsubame-Sanjo is known for its manufacturing craftsmanship all around the world. The technology born here is powerful. Tsubame-Sanjo boasts a spirit of craftsmanship to be found nowhere else.

"Together with Customers"—we want our relationship with customers to be like a pair of birds. Going forward, we will further cultivate this aspiration to a deeper level.


President & CEO