SC-UD08 FPSC Module UD08

Standard cooler, Compact and lightweight integrated module

Key Features

    • The SC – UD 08 is a standard cooler, which is suitable for strict temperature control below – 80 ° C. Depending on the heat mass and temperature of object, cooling capacity and speed can be fine-tuned.
    • SC-UD08 can be installed on various applications, especially for portable type equipment because of its compactness and lightweight.
    • SC-UD08をそのまま機器に取り付けることができます。All of the cooler, driver board and fan is integrated one unit. You can install SC-UD08 into your equipment as it is.


Typical performance

This cooling curve is the typical characteristic at no load, not guaranteed value. Note that cooling performance depends on each design of cooling system strongly. Referring user’s manual at our web-site, and confirm if our products are suitable for your use.

Your Industries

  • React

    Low temperature synthetic reaction tests in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemical fields are effective in suppressing the formation of byproducts.

  • Freeze Drying

    FPSC is used for tests for highly controlled freeze-drying process of medical materials.

  • Accurate ultra-low temperature

    FPSC accurate ultra-low temperature supports professional applications such as temperature calibration and inspection of electronic components .

  • Cryopreservation

    FPSC is used for advanced cryopreservation for cells and biological samples. Precise temperature and high cooling speed are required for optimum temperature profile in freezing process.


– State of the Art

FPSC, Free Piston Stirling Coolers, are the complete CFC free system, using natural He gas.
It is small, portable, and it is widely used for precise temperature control for under -50℃.
Twinbird succeeded in mass production through the collaborative network of craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo.

  • suitable for cooling below -50℃. *1

    *1 Optimum thermal insulation design for relatively small thermal mass is required.

  • Reach to -80 ℃ in a few minutes. *1

    *1 Optimum thermal insulation design for relatively small thermal mass is required.

  • Precise temperature control system. *1

    *1 Optimum thermal insulation design for relatively small thermal mass is required.

  • Total volume of FPSC is less than 3 liters. *2

    *2: In case of model SC-TG08S

  • Zero Global Warming Potential He gas is used for refrigerants to reduce environmental load.

  • FPSC based on the network of craftsmanship in Tsubame-Sanjo


Dimensions W H L: 175 x 195 x 290 (mm)
Weight 3.5 kg
Power Source Voltage DC 24 Volts
Maximum Current 10 Amp
Cooling Capacity 25 Watts at -80℃ at cooling head (ambient temp: 25℃)
Ambient Temp in Operation 0℃~35℃
Set Temp of Cooling head -20℃ or less
Noise 50 dB(A) (Horizontally 1 m from Cooler, after stable operation)
Include Driver Board
Sample Price Please contact SC business division for detail.


Confirm if the product is suitable for your use before place order.

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