Vaccine/medicine Transportation & Storage

Adopted by the Japan’s Government as the standard model for storing/transporting the Moderna vaccine. Also, covering Wide temperature ranges required for each vaccine and medicine.

A track record of safety and security

Over 10,000 units were delivered in a short period of time in line with the Japan’s Governmental Moderna vaccination plan. Fully utilized 24 hours a day to deliver and storage  to vaccination sites across the country, greatly contributing to a safe and secure vaccination system.

Participate in Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Last One Mile Support”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA proceeded “Last One Mile Support” to quickly establish a vaccination system in developing countries. We contributed the project and supplied transport/storage vaccine freezers to building vaccination systems in various countries, such as East Timor, Mozambique, Senegal, Mongolia, and Palestine.

Activities to obtain international certification PQS

PQS is a certification system for medical equipment approved by the WHO that was established to promote the development of target equipment and set quality standards in the United Nations’ procurement of medical equipment. By acquiring PQS certification, we will promote our products to be useful in even more countries, including developing countries.

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